Our Services

O’Gara Woodcraft is a Bespoke Furniture Making Business that makes a range of products that are designed and made to our clients specifications.  Our core work involves:


O’Gara Woodcraft design and manufacture beautiful bespoke solid wooden furniture such as tables, benches, shelves, custom units and many more products that our customers require in any shape, size, or design you require. 

With a degree in Furniture Design And Manufacture we have the skill set to provide some of the best quality designing and manufacturing services. 

Your input is always valued this is why we will consult with you on every aspect of the design process to get everything just right. Your satisfaction and happiness is our number one concern in each and every project we work on.  All our work can be designed in a unique way to meet your requirements, making all adjustments when requested by you if needed.

Kitchens and Fitted Utilities

Another service we provide here at O’Gara Woodcraft is the design, fitout and completetion of Kitchen and Utilities for our clients.  We provide a  fully customizable service to our clients which allows our client to pick and choose from our wide selection or designs, colours accessories.

We work directly with you the customer to provide the best in class for your beautiful home, we walk through the full process with you from inspiration designs and ideas, to drawings and walk throughs of designs until full design completion and then we manaufacture and deliver the full project on time and within your specifications and requests.


Custom Kitchen Island

custom Fitted Furniture

We also provide a custom fitted furniture range which include products such as kitchen islands, utility cabinets, living room units, bedroom units and much more custom fitted furniture.

We provide our customers with a fully comprehensive service, from the initial meeting where we discuss the type of of unit required, measurements, designs, colour schemes, hardware and materials, right through to the installation of the unit.  We make it our highest priority to get the thoughts and input from our customers through out the whole project.  We always value what our customers want and strive to exceed their expectations.


Another large part of O’Gara Woodcraft is CNC Carving.  We provide a  fully customizable service to our clients which allows our client to pick which ever design or writing they want.

We have many different avenues of CNC Carving from commercial and domestic sign writing, ornaments, patterns and many more.  With a CNC in our business, this is a very advanced computer aided machine which lets us give our clients the best of designing service available in this industry. 



Another part of our service is the design and making of custom made wooden lamps.  All of our lamps are designed with their own unique character, the character is given to them by the choice of materials and overall style and look of the lamp.

When we are crafting a lamp for a customers home, we take many considerations into account of the style of the persons home and design the lamp to be able to be incorporated perfectly into their space.


O’Gara Woodcraft is known for making a beautiful range of elegant clocks.  We take great pride in designing and manufacturing a unique variety of clocks to meet your requirements and specialised themes.  

We design and make all types and sizes of clocks to whatever specification our customer wants, our bespoke clocks make excellent gifts as our clocks are a one off design, we rarely make the same clock twice which means that clock is specific to that person.  You can check out the images of our recent work in the gallery section of this website.

Lotto Boxes

O’Gara Woodcraft design and manufacture beautiful bespoke club lotto boxes in any shape, size, or design you require. 

These Lotto Boxes are becoming increasingly popular as Lotto within clubs such as GAA, Soccer and Rugby clubs is becoming ever so popular, clubs require a solid and secure box to display in the locality to all their lotto players.

All our lotto boxes come with an A4 perspex screen to allow you to input your advertising and lotto sheets, along with a secure and locked box to contain all the cards, O’Gara woodcraft left no stone unturned when designing these lotto boxes.

Crafted by an Irish company for Irish Clubs.  If you require any extra features or require the designs to be slightly different do not worry, the beauty about our lotto boxes are that we fully customize them to the clubs wishes.

Contact us for more information today, some of the clubs using our Lotto Boxes are Michael Glaveys GAA Club – Ballinlough, St.Brigids GAA Club – Roscommon and many more!

Small Custom Pieces

We specialise in a wide range of small custom pieces, these pieces make a great addition to your home and also make great gifts.

We strive to make all our pieces as beautiful as possible.  We make various small items such as our popular custom jewelry holders, we also make small items such as chopping boards, candle holders and much more.